he world is in continuous change today. Leadership abilities and effective communication are vital competences which give us access and success in a competitive business environment. Irrespective of the field you come from our master programme gives you the opportunity to become specialists in international business communication.

We invite you to learn and develop good practices in oral and written business English, intercultural communication techniques with a focus on negotiation, crisis management, public relations, marketing, leadership and ethical communication.

Diplomatic guests for the course in Diplomacy - Herman BASKÅR, Counsellor/ Deputy Head of Mission, Royal Norwegian Embassy

Master students finding out inside news from Norway

Anders Bengtcén, Swedish ambassador, discussing the Swedish Model

Master students fascinated by the Swedish Model



Please find here the schedule for the winter exam session for the first and second year. Have a great learning experience!

Examination rooms for 1st year

Examination rooms for 2nd year

Master in Business Communication Presentation